Vahagn Ayvazyan

best_player best_player
Age 26
Goals 4

Igor Stanojevic

best_player best_player
Age 27
Goals 3

Aram Bareghamyan

best_player best_player
Age 31
Passes 3

Igor Stanojevic

best_player best_player
Age 27
Passes 2

Aram Bareghamyan

best_player best_player
Age 31
Goals 2
Passes 3

Igor Stanojevic

best_player best_player
Age 27
Goals 3
Passes 2

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Alexandar Glisic: "We will fight for two trophies till the end"

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Today we had an intersting interview with our new player Alexandar Glisic.

- It’s already 1 month that you’re at FC “Banants”, first of all I want to ask you about Armenia, do you like country, culture and people?

- Yes, here everything is very nice, very good. City is very beautiful. People are very kind to me.

- Is there any common things between Armenia & Bosnia Herzegovina?

- Maybe, people are thinking and living their life very similar.

- How did you come to Armenia, have you ever heard about this country before?

- First time I heard about this country one year ago, when “Banants” played against MK “Sarajevo”. I watched that game, also I have some friends who are playing in Armenia.

- What was the main reason to accept FC Banans offer?

- FC “Banants” is one of the best clubs in Armenia, with good organizations and infrastructure. Also they have a very good team and for me this move is one big step forward in my career.

- Does your friends and relatives in Bosnia & Herzegovina watch FC “Banants” games?

- Yes, yes they watched our first game and will continue watching every game. I am always telling them about the team and championship.

- This month Armenian NT will play against Bosnia & Herzegovina NT, who do you think will win that game?

- I think Bosnia have better players, but it doesn’t mean nothing, you know that Armenia have Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who is a superstar. As a Bosnian I think Bosnia and Herzwgovina will win.

- What can you say about Armenian Premier League

- I can’t tell too much, beacause we played only one game, but what I saw in this one game is that it’s very competitive league, you saw that the last team in championship could play very well against us.

- You scored a goal in your first official game, how are your feelings?

- The feelings are very good, but the most important thing is to win the game, what we couldn’t do in that game, but we will do our best to win every game.

- After scoring your first official goal at FC Banants you ran to the bench, what was the reason for such celebration?

- Before the game the coach of goalkeepers Mr. Aslanyan told me that I will surely score in that game, than when I scored, I ran to him to say thanks.

- What is your main goal this season?

- We must win at least one trophy, but me and the team will keep fighting for both the league and the cup. We have good chances.

- Which you consider is your biggest achievement in football?

- I think the first is winning the cup of Bosnia & Herzegovina with “Radnik” and playin at Europa league with them and I can say that the second is the move to FC “Banants”.

- In which team you dreamed to play in your childhood?

- In my childhood I loved “Arsenal”, the Henry, Pires generation, and also now I love that team too.

- What is your football dream?

- One day to play at Uefa Champions League, also to play at one of the Top 5 Championships.

- Will you say something to FC Banants supporters?

- I want to tell them that we need their support, and we will try our best to make them happy.

Premier League 2018/19
First League 2018/19
Ararat-Armenia 21 38
Pyunik 21 36
Alashkert 20 36
Banants 20 34
Lori 20 30
Shirak 21 27
Gandzasar-Kapan 20 23
Artsakh 20 14
Ararat 21 14
Match calendar
Junior 22 62
FC Yerevan 22 52
Banants-2 22 46
Lokomotiv 22 40
Ararat-Armenia-2 21 37
Alashkert-2 23 37
Shirak-2 21 26
Banants-3 22 24
Pyunik-2 22 23
Gandzasar-Kapan-2 22 21
Ararat-2 22 19
Erebuni 33 4
Match calendar

Round 23

  • Banants
  • Pyunik
    1 - 0
  • Gandzasar
    0 - 0
  • Alashkert
    0 - 1